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providing Physiotherapist, Caregiver and Basketball solo, groups training afe 7 and up
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Physical Therapist Home Care I offer Services
Physical therapy helps individuals regain physical motion and strength and may be applicable for som ...
Price: 500
Posted in Medical-or-Dental, 2015-Mar-26
Caregiver Private or Special (College Grad,Licensed TESDA) I offer Service
who helps another individual with an impairment with his or her activities of daily living. most com ...
Price: 2000
Posted in Medical-or-Dental, 2015-Mar-26
Basketball lessons/tutorial Private or Special age 7 up Men/Women
I/We offer services for Private Training sessions for 2 hour-long lessons with 1 coach & players and ...
Price: 800
Posted in Schools-or-Education, 2015-Mar-26